Here are some client case studies which demonstrate the different ways we can help with our professional independent financial advice.

Managing Investments

Derek & Stephanie had built up a investment portfolio and felt uncomfortable with the amount of volatility in their portfolio. They had received advice but wanted a second opinion. After explaining their current risk exposure and reviewing their tolerance to risk they decided to move their investments across to 3D Financial Planning as they felt that we offered a more hands on approach and had a better understanding of their financial goals.

Pensions and Divorce

When Margaret was getting divorced she was referred to us by her solicitor for specialist advice on her pension options. With a lot of money at stake, Margaret was worried about not having a large enough pension for her retirement income. We provided advice on what was required along with her solicitor to ensure that she received a fair share of any pensions that had been built up. This also included helping Margaret understand a subject that she had never fully understood or dealt with before. We now also offer on going advice and monitor the performance of her pensions.

Building a Pension

Richard was introduced to us by his Accountant. He had just started out as self employed and needed advice about the pension plans he had accumulated from previous employment. We built a financial plan enabling Richard to plan for his retirement, which was twenty years away but ensured that he knew how much he could retire on and how to achieve this. We monitor this each year with Richard to make sure that he is on track to achieve his retirement plans.

Investing a Trust Fund

Richard & Stephen were the trustees of a fund created by their late father. They were referred to us by friends for advice on how best to invest the monies in order to achieve the trust goals determined by their father. We advised on their responsibilities as Trustee’s and put in place advice and on-going reviews to monitor the performance and any changes required by the trust.

Inheritance Tax

Nothing is certain than death and taxes. Most people don’t want to hand their hard earned wealth to the State when they die. This was certainly the case for Pamela who wanted to ensure that her family was protected from losing any of her wealth. We advised on a number of different options and trusts and put in place a financial plan to solve her inheritance tax problems.

Financial Planning

John was nearing his retirement and wanted to know if he could spend less time working and more time pursuing his passions in life. We went through the various options for John’s pensions and investments and built a plan to phase his retirement, which enabled him to retire two years earlier than he originally anticipated.