Financial advisers are not all the same and the amount of value they add to your financial situation varies considerably.

Many financial advisers in the UK can only recommend products or services from one or a limited number of companies. Such ‘tied’ advisers actually work for the product providers, attempting to find a product from a restricted range of options to best fit your needs. Using one of these advisers means that you can never be certain that you are getting the very best product or service available to you.

We are completely committed to providing our clients with totally independent and unbiased financial advice for life. In practice, this means transparent commission, tax efficient fee based solutions, and above all, never allowing provider incentive to cloud our judgement during the advice process.

We are not tied to any bank, investment house or insurance company. We are independently owned with no insurance company sharing any stake in our organisation; by retaining this purity we can always act in our client’s best interests.